StayAlive is a small mouse mover java application that will move your cursor a predefined number of pixels at a predefined time interval.  It is used to prevent your machine from going into sleep/hibernate mode, and can prevent instant messaging systems, such as Microsoft Teams, from showing you are away from your desk. StayAlive works with all versions of Windows.

Get StayAlive!

StayAlive is very inexpensive compared to most mouse movers.  The cost is $5.00 for unlimited usage.  Just click the PayPal button below to start the process.  Once the transaction has been processed, the following dialog will appear.

StayAlive Payment Dialog
Click ‘click here’ and you will be prompted to download StayAlive.  WARNING: Clicking the ‘Close’ button will close the dialog. Once the dialog is closed, it cannot be reopened without purchasing again. Please be sure to download StayAlive before closing the dialog.

StayAlive is not a trial version.  As such, we hope that you will consider not sharing StayAlive should you decide to purchase it, but instead, encourage your family and friends to purchase it too.

How To Use

StayAlive is a simple mouse mover to use. Once downloaded, unzip the file and double click the exe file. The following pop-up will appear.

StayAlive Mouse Mover Options

You can set the time interval at which the cursor will move. You can also set the number of pixels the mouse will move. Toggle will move the mouse the predefined number of pixels and then return the cursor to it’s original location. Checking the “Start with Windows” checkbox will cause StayAlive to start if the system is rebooted.

Clicking the ‘OK’ button will minimize the application to your system tray.

Clicking the ‘Exit’ button will terminate the application.

Note: the application will restart upon reboot  if the ‘Start with Windows’ checkbox has been checked.

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